President’s Voice:

“Dear Colleagues,

It’s our pleasure to keep here a brief introduction for Federation of All India Aviation (FAIA).

Today’s economic trends have changed in Aviation Industry compelling many Airline Companies, Ground Handlers and Airport Operators’ to downsize or reorganize their assets (inclusive of human assets) in order to meet their bottom line goals. But in majority of cases the first axe to fall is mostly on the employees. We plan to provide flexible end-to-end solutions that we assist Trade Unions, Employers and Government to meet their objectives by giving them best possible support in implementing their virtuous policies and in turn have good industrial relations with their employees and Unions.

Especially, emphasizing the fate of trade unions, we would like to draw your attention on the following common scenario; At times, when Unions take issues of injustice against the employees, managements retort to stringent disciplinary actions on the employees as well as the office bearers of the unions to suppress them. FAIA will contest for you in such circumstances. In addition, there are many common problems of Aviation Industry which cannot be tackled at individual Union levels. FAIA will provide the paramount platform to address these issues on behalf of the entire Aviation Unions Fraternity.

We are confident that our ability to develop and maintain healthy relationship with each other will benefit Unions/Associations in the long run. While assuring this, we wish to elucidate that we have no intention to interfere in your day-to-day routine functions and your independence at micro level would never be infringed. Rather our objective is very clear to support you, achieve your goals.

After you have reviewed our intentions, we would welcome your views to discuss about the value we can together bring to the employees of Aviation Industry. At the end everyone has to understand that nothing can replace human asset and at the same time organisations should sustain and grow for employees to realize their career growth. This will automatically lead to industrial peace in highly sensitive and complex operations of Aviation Sector.

Also, you will understand that it’s going to take some time to organize our self that we become a force to reckon. This can only be achieved when like-minded people like us unite regardless of our individual and political affiliations.

Why Federation of All India Aviation?

It is felt that in the changed scenario the management and unions gives due attention to developing healthy labour-management relations following the practices of consultative decision making, two-way communication, sharing of roles and responsibilities by both the parties at all levels, establishing harmony, high degree of concern for people and their values etc. Finally, the management and unions must encourage meaningful employee participation at all levels. It can be seen that Aviation Industry does not suffers from heavy losses, and also the relations between the employer and employees are very cordial working conditions.

There’s a need that Aviation Industry must have potential human resource policies and sound industrial relations that help the organization to attain its goals, enable it to employ the skills and abilities of the workforce efficiently, assist to bring about employees job satisfaction and self-actualization and establishing and maintaining harmonious Employer-Employee Relation which are essential for the Industrial Peace. There is a need to redefine the Industrial Relations system in the Aviation Industry in India. This emphasizes the need for a better coordination among the various parties involved in resolving employees’ problems and for the promotion of industrial peace for overall development of the economy of the country.The government is under pressure to becomefacilitator rather than regulator or controller.The role of government should not be laissez-faire but pro-active in case of employees availing VRS,suffering due to lay-off, retrenchment, closure andoutsourcing. Creation of alternative employment opportunities,extending social safety net and providingrehabilitation measures will be more helpful in removingthe insecurity and anxiety from among the workingclass and developing better labour relations system in the Country. Care for growth and development, joint effortof labour and management, role realization and mutual trust are important factors in promoting Industrial relations in the Aviation Industry in India.

The role of Federation of All India Aviation is to facilitate with the Government & Management on behalf of the employees unions.

Thereby, in our common interest we earnestly look forward to your valuable affiliation to FAIA. We are eagerly awaiting your most positive response. For further queries please touch base and we would be more than happy to help you I the simple process of applying for membership of FAIA.”

Warm Regards

(From President’s Desk)